Charlotte Rae in the movie "Hair"

As Logan and I discussed in the most recent episode, Charlotte Rae had a tiny role in the film version of “Hair.” It came out in 1979, so it was most likely filmed in 1978, and her hairstyle pretty much matches the way it looked on Diff’rent Strokes’ first season (1978-1979). Little more than a cameo, it’s still fun to see her among all the hippie chaos of this doomed dinner party. (She is occasionally shown in the scene, but you get the most of her during the song which starts around 6:00.)

Charlotte Rae In Hair.jpg

033 - S3E4 "A Friend In Deed" with Logan Donahoo


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Monologist Pronunciation

OK, according to, either of the pronunciations I used are acceptable. Whew. Maybe I’m not stupid after all. Maybe.

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Stuff From The Extras:

Our conversation about Logan’s friend matching stills of Sarah Paulson crying, the video I was thinking of was the one below of Julianne Moore and how often she has cried in pretty much every one of her films.

And of course, the famous “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal:”

032 - S3E3 "A Baby In The House" with Wesley Slade


David and Wesley: A Theatrical Friendship

It all started over 6 years ago…

2012-11-09 14.10.56.jpg

A year and a half later, we were thrilled to be cast in the lead roles of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, FL (January 2014). That’s me as Lawrence, Wesley as Freddy (disguised as Ruprecht - he’s very affectionate).


Including this pic not just because I love it, but also because Jillian Gizzi was our Christine, and she is an AMAZING talent.


Nowadays we get to work together at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre.


And we can both be found at Hollywood Studios (though at different places)…

David’s friend Officer Friskem with the Citizens of Hollywood

David’s friend Officer Friskem with the Citizens of Hollywood

Wesley’s friend Erik, one of the story-tellers at the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Wesley’s friend Erik, one of the story-tellers at the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Some of my closest buds: Justin (he’s the one who texts in one of the outtake extras - he is the one who bought me my Tootie doll last Christmas!), Wesley, Steve, and me. GOD I love these boys.


This is the comic Justin texted us during the show. Hilarious!


And just needed to put this here… WTFFFFFFFF?

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.38.49 PM.png

Wesley’s Danny Kaye tribute cabaret. Graphic design by ME!


2019-06-05 6:30pm.
OMG! Matthew Arter just texted me some important info about Heather Kerr … I didn’t realize she was the one who played young Eunice in a flashback episode of “Mama’s Family” — and she is AMAZING! Here is the episode where she amazingly channels a young Carol Burnett. (from 1988, she appears around 9:45)

Dilbert Weighs In On Podcasts

Just so you know, Dear Listeners, I do not agree with this philosophy. In my case, the “dumb” factor is ME… committing 4 years of my life to synopsizing an old sitcom every week. AND YET I LOVE IT!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 12.42.23 PM.png

Homework: Watch S3E3 “A Baby In The House”

The podcast where I discuss this episode drops this coming Wednesday 6/5 at midnight. Join me and my special guest Wesley Slade! (And if you noticed this episode appearing a little early in your podcatcher feed, it’s because I screwed up posting it and it published early. D’Oh!)

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031 - S3E2 "Fear Strikes Back" with Ken Reid


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The Many (Handsome) Faces of Ken Reid

Sorry, David, er— I mean, folks, Ken is straight and married. To a woman. *sigh*

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 4.11.11 PM.png

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My Hometown Baseball Shirt That I Got Because Of Ken

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 5.19.20 PM.png

The 1980s Headband Was The Best Thing Ever In The History Of Things

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.18.31 AM.png

Fan Letter To Ken!

Here is one Of The fan emails I wrote to Ken (yes, my obsessions extend far beyond “The Facts Of Life…” In fact, the podcast came very close to being about “Laverne & Shirley.” (And, I will add, once I complete “The Facts Of Life,” that is not out of the running for the future.)

“Hi Ken!

David from Brockton here. We’ve corresponded before, FWIW. I have a Brockton Shoemakers baseball shirt thanks to you. :-) Thought I’d write you more fan mail.

Two things:

(1) Listening to you & John Hodgman talk extensively about ShaNaNa brought back so many memories! I loved that show when I was a kid. Interesting fact you may not know: Lennie Baker, sax player and vocalist for the group during its TV-show years, was from Whitman. I had heard when I was a kid that he was from Stoughton, but he may just have lived there in the 1970s/1980s. Or I’m associating it with my father meeting him and getting his autograph at the Cedar Lodge in Stoughton on 27 just north of the Westgate Mall area — where Nocera’s is now. Lennie is easily identified as “the fat one” (bald with a goatee like most Greasers in the 1950s - LOL). I was very happy to hear John crediting the group as great singers and musicians, because they were; Lennie beautifully sings the vocals for “Blue Moon” on the Grease movie soundtrack album. According to Wikipedia, he passed away early last year. :-( Otherwise I’d say you should get him on the show.

(2) COMPLETE CHANGE OF SUBJECT: I love every time you point out that “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley” were period shows that forgot they were period shows. I thought of you watching a later episode of L&S on Hulu recently: Season 8, Episode 19, the one where David L. Lander (Squiggy) plays his own sister Squendolyn in drag. (This is a post-Cindy-Williams episode, obviously.) At the top of the episode, when he approaches Carmine about taking his sister on a date, Squiggy offers him $200. Um, excuse me? Ken, would you offer a friend $200 TODAY in 2017 to do you a favor? That’s a lot of money! Then factor in that this episode aired in 1983, at which time $200 was more than an average week’s salary - about $500 in 2017 dollars. THEN take into account that L&S’s final season takes place in 1967 (oops, forgot it was period!) when $200 was more than TWO week’s average salary! Nearly $1500 in 2017 dollars! WHAT THE FUCK!?! Just more proof that in the later seasons, the writers just didn’t give a shit.

OK, I’m running out of exclamation points. Thanks for letting me geek out a little bit. Love the show. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll keep listening!

David Almeida”

Fruzen Gladje Ice Cream

Ken reminded me of these commercial gems, tucked in the recesses of my memory.

The Hollywood Squares!

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 10.49.52 AM.png

Here is the run-down of who hosted “The Hollywood Squares” … which incidentally WAS on NBC’s daytime lineup. When this episode of FOL was made, the Peter Marshall version was just winding up.

Peter Marshall (1966–1981)

Jon Bauman (1983–1984)

John Davidson (1986–1989)

Tom Bergeron (1998–2004)

In the Extras, Ken and I talk about the oft-forgotten Jon Bauman version which was an hour-long mashup called “The Match Game / Hollywood Squares Hour.” As a kid I was fascinated with the set-change, which you can see here around 16:00.

“Rita Hayworth: Love Goddess” starring Lynda Carter

Also discussed in the Extras, here is a forgotten gem (?) of a TV movie… Thanks to my Unofficial Historian/Researcher Bob for finding this and posting it to YouTube. This includes all of the extras on the home video release.

I said it so much during our Skype call and on the show, but I CANNOT THANK KEN ENOUGH for so readily agreeing to be on my show.


030 - S3E1 “Growing Pains” with Matthew Arter

Gulp and Gasp

Gulp and Gasp

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The AYDS Diet Plan

Matthew’s Favorite Toy: 2-XL by Mego

A later version by Tiger, which used a cassette tape:

Superman 2: Director’s Cut

We discuss this in the Extras… here is one of the ‘restored’ scenes (it’s actually screen test footage … and it has some SERIOUS continuity problems with Christopher Reeve’s hair and glasses). I think it’s pretty awful. So please watch it.

Willie Tyler and Lester!

An appearance on Lola Falana’s variety show in the 1970s:

A later appearance on David Letterman:

“Hello, Larry” Crossover Episode!

In an effort to bolster the fledgling ratings for “Hello, Larry,” NBC decided to connect it to its lead-in show, “Diff’rent Strokes” … even though the shows were not at all related in their creation. They had Philip Drummond purchase the radio station where his war buddy Larry works, and thus we had reason for the DF cast to visit HL. Which they did 3 times, including this episode which included Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Garrett. (As we discuss on the show, “Hello Larry” would be canceled after 1 season, giving way for “The Facts Of Life” to take over its slot and build on the audience already watching NBC that night, thanks to DF and the 8:00-9:00 show: “Real People.”


When Mr. Drummond offers to bring Mrs. Garrett to Portland, OR, she happily explains to Arnold that Portland is near Seattle, and “it will give me a chance to visit my sister Beverly; she’s only an hour away!” GOOD WORK, FACTS OF LIFE WRITERS!

029 - S2E16 "Brian And Sylvia" with Cameron Francis

The Many Faces Of Cameron Francis:

(Maybe by posting all of these nobody will notice I forgot to take a picture of the two of us together. GRRRR)

Nice Guy!

Nice Guy!

Dramatic Actor

Dramatic Actor

Mesmerizing Magician

Mesmerizing Magician

Goofy Comedic Interactor

Goofy Comedic Interactor

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Interracial Couples On TV

Check out this article on Screen Rant ...

Petula Clark and Harry Belafonte

Here is a full account on of that time some TV sponsors lost their shit because a famous white woman touched a famous black man’s arm:

Cameron’s Favorite Commercial: NAIR!

Rosanne Katon!

Playboy Playmate of the Month September 1978

Playboy September 1978.jpg

in “Bachelor Party”


The Wall (And We Ain’t Talkin’ Pink Floyd Here)


Kim Fields on "Dancing With The Stars" in 2016

…including a short bio about her early days and how the Mrs. Butterworth syrup commercial was her FIRST AUDITION! With a sweet cameo from Charlotte Rae… and sets and costumes inspired by her “Facts Of Life” roots.
(Um, who is performing the song during the dance? Little pitchy, dawg.)

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 4.33.41 PM 1.png

Homework: Watch S2E16 "Brian And Sylvia"

For some reason, this episode isn’t available on DailyMotion. Thankfully I found it at Richard Dean Anderson’s official website, Click the photo below, then select “The Facts Of Life” image from the top row.

While I was hunting this down — and thinking I wasn’t going to find it — I stumbled upon a blog called Allison’s Written Words (which looks like it hasn’t been posted on since 2015), and she wrote a detailed synopsis and analysis of this episode. An enjoyably detailed read. :-)

The podcast where I discuss this episode drops this Wednesday 5/18/19. Join me and my special guest, Cameron Francis!

028 - S2E15 "Free Spirit" with Mark Baratelli


The Daily City!


Learn about Mark Baratelli’s latest events and projects at

Oops, I did it again.

Once again, I have mis-remembered Natalie’s date of birth. In S1 E10, Blair clearly states on the phone that Natalie’s DOB was 9/2/1966. I wrongly said 1965. Not the first time I’ve messed this up; it probably won’t be the last. HOWEVER, I was correct that Natalie saying she’s a Taurus in this week’s show is wrong. Someone born on September 2nd would be a Virgo. So there.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 4.47.58 PM.png

My Notebook

This is where (and how) I take my copious notes for each episode.


Carnac The Magnificent

a character of the late Johnny Carson when he hosted The Tonight Show.


Rona Barrett, Gossip Columnist

photo from the 1970s


Barbara Walters, Journalist

photo from the 1970s


Ricardo Montalban

Young and HOT movie star in the 1950s…


…older, and STILL attractive in the 1980s (best known for playing Mr. Rourke on “Fantasy Island”).


Carly Simon

and her teeth


Gloria Loring on "The Carol Burnett Show"

Just some random fun to share. This spoof of “Valley of the Dolls” is from the very first season of the Carol Burnett Show. S1 E19, first broadcast 1/29/68. It features Carol and Vicki Lawrence, but the uncredited actress in the Sharon Tate role is none other than our own Gloria Loring, co-writer and singer of the theme song to “The Facts Of Life.” ENJOY!