021 - S2E8 "Teenage Marriage, Part 2" with Paul Padilla


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I looked up how to spell “peignoir.” (Pronounced ‘pay-NWAH.’) According to Wikipedia, it is “a long outer garment for women which is frequently sheer and made of chiffon or another translucent fabric.” The More You Know... *star whoosh* Here’s a super sexy fancy one I found on the interwebs:

Apparently, Sak’s, the department store, is still a thing in NYC and across the country. Sadly, there isn’t a store located anywhere in Central Florida. The closest one to Orlando is about 100 miles away in Sarasota, Florida. 🙁


And guess what!? The lowest Pay Grade in the U.S. Navy for 1981 was… $501.30!! They actually got that right! (Source: Navy Cyber Space)

020 - S2E7 "Teenage Marriage, Part 1" with Paul Padilla


Extras found exclusively at FaceTheFactsPod.Com!

Extra Content Found Exclusively at FaceTheFactsPod.com!

Re: PERSON-TO-PERSON CALLS: According to Wikipedia, “A person-to-person call is an operator-assisted call in which the calling party requests to speak to a specific party and not simply to anyone who answers. The caller is not charged for the call unless the requested party can be reached.” So that’s the difference. You don’t get charged if you don’t reach the person. THE MORE YOU KNOW… * whoosh *

White Mountain Puzzles was a rare hidden discovery of mine a couple of years ago, and recently I found them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I have two of these puzzles hanging in my office. This is the one Paul & I discuss is called “Tasty Treats” …


Ooh! And while I was re-visiting their website, I discovered they have a 1980s ‘nostalgia’ puzzle!

… and notice what is in the lower left corner!

… and notice what is in the lower left corner!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.30.04 PM.png

Annette Funicello Skippy Peanut Butter Commercials:

Hungry Hungry Hippos!

I couldn’t identify the video game that Mrs. Garrett was playing, but Bob in Anaheim nailed it on the first try… Electronic Quarterback!

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 9.57.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 9.57.21 PM.png

The electronic video game I was referencing was called “Microvision.”


Regarding joining the Navy with/without a high school diploma: According to this article, “Every branch of the military will accept applications from someone who doesn't have a high school diploma. You must, however, have a GED certificate. The military only enlists a small amount of GED candidates each year based on a percentage of the total number of people enlisting. Military research has shown that high school dropouts are more likely to have behavioral issues and be discharged from the service early.” Final Word: FACTS OF LIFE FAIL.

Just gonna leave this here…

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.36.28 PM.png

The controversy continues … this was posted to the Facebook page after the episode dropped:


But then… common ground was discovered and old wounds began to heal…


019 - S2E6 "Shoplifting" with Dr. Steve Summers

Me & Dr. Steve! (Yes, that is a picture of us in the background. And my HS diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. Those are always there. I didn’t drag those out to impress him. Also note my TOOTIE DOLL!)

Me & Dr. Steve! (Yes, that is a picture of us in the background. And my HS diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. Those are always there. I didn’t drag those out to impress him. Also note my TOOTIE DOLL!)

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Two things I meant to mention and forgot: (1) I don’t believe we EVER hear of Jo working at Harrison’s Department Store on the weekend in a future epsiode, and (2) “Shoplifting” is the episode they used when “The Rerun Show” did their spoof/re-enactment of it. Find it on YouTube, or watch for it here; I’ll be posting it on Sunday.

The wonderful voice of Hazel Shermet on “The New Zoo Revue.” Here is the theme song, and 2 of Hazel’s characters: Henrietta Hippo and Freida Frog:

Dr. Steve’s first concert with The Orlando Gay Chorus. Featuring this gem and a super talented and beautiful special guest soloist (later named Anastasia Von Trapp):


The Susan B. Anthony dollar, first issued in 1979

The Susan B. Anthony dollar, first issued in 1979

Charles Bronson in 1966… Nope, I don’t really see the resemblance.

Charles Bronson in 1966… Nope, I don’t really see the resemblance.

Charles Bronson in “Death Wish” (1974)

Charles Bronson in “Death Wish” (1974)

actual photo of Susan B. Anthony from 1860

actual photo of Susan B. Anthony from 1860

SBA 01.jpg
Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)

You Go, Girl!

You Go, Girl!





OK, that’s a little better… ? Sort of… ?

OK, that’s a little better… ? Sort of… ?

One of the problems with the coin was how close it was in size to the quarter.

One of the problems with the coin was how close it was in size to the quarter.

From my own (blurry) collection: Eisenhower dollar coin (first issued 1971), The Sacagawea dollar coin (first issued 2002), the SAME-SIZE Susan B. Anthony dollar, and quarter to show relative size.

From my own (blurry) collection: Eisenhower dollar coin (first issued 1971), The Sacagawea dollar coin (first issued 2002), the SAME-SIZE Susan B. Anthony dollar, and quarter to show relative size.


THEY STILL COMMENT ON EACH OTHER’S INSTAGRAMS!!! AAAAHHHHHH! (note whose account this is… Paul Padilla’s, of course)


The funny ladies of “Soap:”  CATHRYN DAMON  (1930-1987) and just-recently-deceased  KATHERINE HELMOND  (1929-2019)

The funny ladies of “Soap:” CATHRYN DAMON (1930-1987) and just-recently-deceased KATHERINE HELMOND (1929-2019)

Madge The Manicurist, portrayed by actress Jan Miner from 1966 until 1992 (!).


An early commercial from the late 1960s:

A later one from the 1980s:

An E. F. Hutton commercial from the 1970s:

An early drag character of mine that we discuss on the show: Rhonda Talonsky. This is Rhonda and her BFF Eilleen Dover ready to hit the town around Christmas-time in 1996. (Eilleen is the creation of André Provencher). This outfit may be what I was trying to pull together when I first met Dr. Steve. (A character similar to Rhonda can be seen at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater; her name is Dolly in the show called “WKZY.”)


Regarding our discussion of Hawaiian shirts… THIS is what I think of when I hear “Hawaiian Shirt:”


Not really this… :-/

Mrs G Hawaiian Shirt.jpg

And for those who have never seen a Two-Dollar Bill… (discussed in the Extras) :


018 - S2E5 "Cousin Geri" with Jeff Jones


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From the Digital Cutting Room Floor:

Jeff Jones Stand-Up!

Jeff as Barf from “Spaceballs” at my Halloween Party in 2010


A great 2016 interview with Geri Jewell talking about doing “The Facts Of Life.”

For Jeff Jones: Some classic Little Caesar’s commercials from the 1980s.


Jeff pointed out that there was an overabundance of coffee at Eastland School. In addition to the coffee VENDING MACHINE in the parlor / rec room…

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 9.41.28 PM.png

… Jeff noticed this MASSIVE coffee maker/percolator in the background of the set.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 8.11.39 PM.png

This coffee maker first appeared in S2 E3 “Double Standard” … and it would remain there through the end of season 4 for the entire time the series takes place in the Eastland cafeteria.


Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 8.17.22 PM.png

Geri Jewell doing some of her stand-up in 1982 for a special called “I Love Liberty” … a Norman-Lear-produced salute to patriotism for Washington’s Birthday. Check out the INSANE list of celebrities who appeared on this show at IMdB!

From 2014: Some of Geri Jewell’s more recent stand-up. Here she even jokes about how she got her role on HBO’s “Deadwood.”

SPEAKING OF WHICH! We never did get to mention her work on HBO’s “Deadwood” (23 episodes from 2004-2006)… BTW, her character’s name was ‘Jewel.’

Kim Fields' Breast Reduction on "Living Single"

On the podcast, we’ve discussed young Tootie’s wishes to ‘develop’ … and that she would eventually grow, quite a bit, in that department. What I didn’t realize was Kim Fields actually had breast reduction surgery, and in 1994, her post-Facts-Of-Life hit TV Show “Living Single” would directly address this by having her character, Regine, also undergo this surgery. (Bonus Happy: I was delighted to see stand-up comedian Elayne Boosler playing the role of the doctor.) Please to enjoy on Hulu: Living Single S2E11, “My Cups Runneth Over.”


017 - S2E4 "Who Am I?" with Robb Zeiser

Mr. Robb and Ms. David

Mr. Robb and Ms. David

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Robb’s appearance on The Tonight Show!

Robb’s alter-ego on the streets of Hollywood Studios: Ben Appetit (photo by Jamie-Lyn Markos)


The Amazing Silent Comedy of “Mr. Robb" :

Robb loves when I do my impression of Peter Griffin sing-saying “Guil-tyyyyyyy!” If you’ve never seen it, here is a 10-minute extended version. (And if you’re so inclined, there is also a 10-hour super cut on YouTube.)

The video below ends before the punchline of the scene (Mr. Grant busts out laughing and thanks Mary for the “joke” because he really needed a laugh) but here is a homemade clip of the only time (I believe) Mary Tyler Moore sang on her eponymous show:

Click the photo below to watch the AWESOME documentary about Rose Marie (free to Amazon Prime Video subscribers):

=> UPDATE: It isn’t free anymore, it costs money now. Try here <=

If you are not familiar with the Punchy Players on YouTube, PLEASE watch some of their videos. (Sadly it’s been 4 years since they’ve posted anything new. Waaaah) The vocal impressions that "Jeff” does are spot-on, including his Mrs. Garrett found here around 1:05.

And checking up on Glenn Scarpelli… He just had a movie come out on Amazon Prime last September. It’s called Sacred Journeys, and he stars in it with Mackenzie Phillips, his former co-star on “One Day At A Time!” Click here to read an interview and watch the trailer. Click the photo below to go directly to the movie (free to Amazon Prime subscribers). WHO KNEW?!

016 - S2E3 "Double Standard" with Jodi Chase

They-ah we ahhhh! They-ah we aaaaaaah!! (This is Bostonian speak for “there we are”)

They-ah we ahhhh! They-ah we aaaaaaah!! (This is Bostonian speak for “there we are”)

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From The Digital Cutting Room Floor:

No-Pest Strips do still exist! Turns out they are now owned by Hot Shot. But in 1980 they were talking about this older version:

An early Parkay Margarine commercial (with a pre-”Alice” Vic Tayback!)

Thanks to my friend Bob for finding these next 2 videos… (1) CHILD WORLD!


My Interview With Michael Wanzie

This article was featured in the December 13, 2018 issue of Michael Wanzie’s weekly WANZeGRAM. It is an email newsletter about Central Florida arts, entertainment, and events. If you wish to receive it, send Michael a message through Facebook requesting to be added to the email list. You can also visit his web site, wanzie.com (currently under construction).

Wanzie Logo.png

Let's Face The Facts: "The Facts of Life" was a Shit Show with which podcaster David Almeida is Obsessed

Into the crowded fray of podcasts of every description and level of quality or lack thereof comes a fairly recent entry by Orlando Actor/Writer David Almeida which is just quirky enough to rate being featured here in your WANZeGRAM.

For each episode of his “Let’s Face The Facts” podcast David Almeida invites one Central Florida so-and-so of some degree of notoriety into his Audubon Park home to watch an episode of the 1980s TV sitcom “The Facts of Life.” Once the episode concludes David turns on the recording device and coaches his guest to join him in “overanalyzing” said episode.

This concept seemed just weird enough to Wanzie that when asked by David to be a guest on the podcast he couldn’t say no. Especially since, as Wanzie explained to David, “I’m not sure I have ever seen an entire episode of ‘The Facts of Life’ from beginning to end because even back then I thought the show to be atrocious and most of the acting so bad I couldn’t bring myself to sit through an entire half hour of that tripe.” David saw this as a positive in keeping things interesting and so Wanzie did indeed avail himself to be a guest in this venture and thus, for perhaps the first time in his life, Wanzie watched an entire episode of a series which he refers to as “One of the most appalling, badly-written, poorly-produced TV sitcoms to have ever survived beyond its first season.”

The whole concept seemed so off the wall to Wanzie that he insisted we here at WANZeGRAM (WG) World Headquarters - nested in the heart of the lovely College Park neighborhood of Orlando Florida - conduct an interview with podcaster, David Almeida (DA) and so we have:

WG: What made you decide to enter the very crowded podcast arena?

DA: I love listening to podcasts, and some of my favorites are TV-nostalgia oriented. (My favorites: “TV Guidance Counselor,” “Go Bayside.”) I was like, “I can do that! I watched too much TV when I was a kid, too!” And crowded as it is, podcasting is easy, inexpensive, and allows anybody an international platform where their work can be found.

WG: Why this subject matter for your podcast?

DA: Other podcasts have used a similar format to talk about other shows, but nobody had done “The Facts Of Life,” which was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I had considered others, but I thought this particular show was the best choice because it had a long run (9 years!), it dealt with the issues of its day, it took on many different formats, and it clearly has a lasting place in our culture.

WG: Would you briefly explain your podcast formula for our Subscriber Friends?

DA: I invite an artist friend to my house. We watch an episode of the show. Then I hit record and we synopsize the show. Along the way, we analyze it, critique it, and use it as a springboard to talk about other related subjects. I also do a brief interview of the guest so they can talk about their own art and projects.

WG: Who have you had as guests thus far? 

DA: I have had Matthew Arter (a/k/a Carol Lee), Kevin Kriegel (a/k/a Mitzi Morris), Mike Marinaccio (of the Orlando Fringe Festival), Mark Baratelli (of The Daily City), actor friends Philip Nolen, Alex Mrazek, Paul Padilla, Brett Waldon, Martin Kunz, and a little up-and-coming spitfire named Michael Wanzie. I think he’s going to do well in this town. (I apologize that this list doesn’t contain more females! It was just a scheduling thing; I am already working to correct this!)

WG: How would rate or to compare your podcast which featured Wanzie with others you have done?

DA: Michael is one of my guests who had never seen the show before. I love the insight and observations that those people bring, and Wanzie’s spin didn’t disappoint. It didn’t help that we were in Season 1 when the show hadn’t yet found itself. Michael also gave me loads of crap for the extensive notes I took while watching. He then expanded on that to shame me for how clean and organized my home is. I think I am still traumatized.

WG: Do you intend for this to be a commercial/for-profit venture or is it just for the hell of it or what?

DA: This is 100% for my own fun and diversion. I think so many of us in the arts can relate to having many, many people we call friends, and yet we rarely see or spend time with them. This is a great excuse to create time to do something fun with those friends, and then send it out into the world to show how many amazingly talented and entertaining people we have here in Central Florida. If down the road the show became very popular and I could find sponsorship and/or monetize it, I would certainly consider it. Just to defray the relatively small costs of web hosting, etc. But this was not started with for-profit intentions.

WG: What has proved to be your greatest challenge thus far?

DA: The marketing side of things. I’m still figuring out the best ways to reach people and get the word out about the show. I’m learning that social media marketing is very complex, and while I want this show to be heard by lots of people, I don’t want the business end to swallow up the joy I get from creating the show itself.

WG: How many episodes do you have in the can?

DA: I had banked about 8 shows before I premiered it this past Halloween. I have enough right now to get me into the new year. In January I’ll be back to recording every week.

WG: Tell us anything more you want WANZeGRAM Subscriber Friends to know about the podcast.

DA: I am part of the generation that grew up in front of the television, and I’ve learned there are so many others like me. If you love to talk about the shows you grew up with, then I think you’ll enjoy the podcast. I realize not everybody is tech-savvy, but the good news is if you aren’t connected to a podcast app on your phone, just go to www.facethefactspod.com and you can listen to the show directly from the web site.

To go directly to the episode in which Wanzie is the guest just point your browser to: https://www.facethefactspod.com/podblog/2018/11/28/005-s1e5-overachieving-with-michael-wanzie

EDITORS NOTE: David Almeida is originally from Massachusetts and has lived in Orlando since 1992. He is a full-time performer at Walt Disney World and can also be seen at Universal Studios. He has appeared with many local theatre companies including Mad Cow TheatreGarden Theatre, Winter Park PlayhouseSea World, Beth Marshall Presents, Orlando Philharmonic, Bay Street Players, and Jester Theater. He has also produced / written / performed in many Orlando Fringe Festivals. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. As a writer, he was film critic for Watermark for 5 years. He recently penned a new murder mystery for Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre, where he also performs. Other playwriting collaborations with co-author Stephen J. Miller have been featured by Playwrights’ Round Table, Theatre Downtown, and off-off-Broadway with Emerging Artists’ Theatre. David wishes WANZeGRAM subscriber friends to know that he is a Leo. He is single. His favorite food is pizza. His FICO score is 807. He owns his own home and he doesn’t have any pets, unless you count his roommate Austin. Potential suiters may wish to visit www.davidalmeida.com.