049 - S3E20 "Kids Can Be Cruel" with Paul Padilla

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Harvey’s Bristol Cream!


Here is a whole collection of popular Riunite commercials!


[ There is a website with ALL of these called  Bart’s Blackboard  ]

[ There is a website with ALL of these called Bart’s Blackboard ]

I did some research to see if my childhood use of the word “dink” to mean “penis” was something other people did, or if it was just regional to my state/city/school/self. Here is some of what I found:

“A contemptuous term used to refer to a Southeast Asian, especially a Vietnamese.” (dictionary.com)

“A New England term referring to someone being an asshole or an idiot.” (urbandictionary.com)

“Penis” (Yay! only it’s WAY down the list at onlineslangdictionary.com… and just about everything else above it refers back to being a dork, dumbass, loser, fool, idiot, jerk, or any combination thereof.

Even Wikipedia, thankfully, does have “a term for the penis” included in its many meanings. But it, like many other online sources, wants to mainly refer to the acronym DINK, coined in the 1980s, which was a term for the growing financial demographic of childless couples: “Double Income, No Kids.”

And here is a blog post from 2012 at The Art Of Doing Stuff where author Karen is in the EXACT same situation where she thought, like me, it was a term that everybody used… and learned that it was in fact not. I feel seen.

So back to the original question: “Am I right that dink is another word for penis?” The answer is, “Well, technically, yes, but not so that anybody would really notice.” Fine by me. I have been educated, as now have all of you.

You’re welcome.

The Happy TV Family of 1981!

This was discovered and shared by FOL Fan Ryan C on the “Facts Of Life Fans” FB page. I had never seen this. And my brain is exploding. (And not just from Ed Asner being the male voice to kick things off.) The FOL gang appears at 3:38 — LITERALLY the last show featured — but more curiously, the cast of The Jeffersons appears at 3:23 … very animatedly singing IN THE EASTLAND CAFETERIA!! WTFFFFF??? (Actually it is easily explained: Even though they’re on competing networks, they’re both Norman Lear shows and taped at the same studios.) Other fun/weird stuff:
No Erik Estrada in the CHiPs segment @ 1:05, but instead we get Caitlyn Jenner, on the far left, during her 6-episode stint as ‘Officer Steve McLeish.’ Watch for young Jason Bateman @ 2:55, on the upper right, with the cast of Little House On The Prairie.


048 - S3E19 "New York, New York" with Logan Benedict


[ Extras ] That’s Dancing! Intro

I incorrectly remembered this as being from That’s Entertainment III. Sadly, this clip ends JUST BEFORE we get to Gene Kelly on the streets of New York with the breakdancers. If you have an AppleTV, search out the film in the TV App, and the trailer is the part JUST AFTER what I was discussing - he’s on the street, and you can see the breakdancers. Or just pay to rent the film. It’s pretty great.

Imperial Margarine!

I am completely OBSESSED with elocutionary speech habits that were required of all actors up until the 1970s. Note how they pronounce “MAW-jur-in” … LMAO!!

Australian Toaster Biscuits!

(Not Thomas’ English Muffins as we had speculated)

Yo Mamma!

In our discussion about “Yo Mamma So Fat” jokes, I later thought of these 2 SNL sketches with Richard Pryor, from December 1975. (If you can imagine, this was the SEVENTH episode of SNL. EVER.) Both contain “Yo Mamma” jokes, though not necessarily in the structure that Damon Wayans would later re-popularize in the 1990s.

And the “In Living Color” Sketch mentioned by one of the online histories of term. (accuracy=???) Shout out to Clearwater, Florida!

Fun Facts Found From Facebook

This is from a Facebook Group called “Facts Of Life” … but it isn’t a fan page for the TV show. According to their About Section: “Sharing day to day life lessons, experiences and what ever comes to mind!” I don’t see any activity since 2016, and the text is clearly a cut’n’paste of some type of wiki site. Nonetheless, it’s more fun basic info about our beloved show. Enjoy!


047 - S3E18 "Runaway" with Jamie-Lyn Markos


As Billie Dawn in “Born Yesterday” at Mad Cow Theatre


Fun On The Streets Of Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

with Holden Hollywood…


and Officer Friskem…

2016-11-12 17.29.28 02.jpg

( ^^ did you notice Robb Zeiser’s good friend Ben Appetit on the drums? ^^ )


and even for the hot minute that I was friends with Director Alfie Hitchkick!


Sophisticated Ladies!

Available on YouTube below, and you can also find it on BroadwayHD.

You’ve Got The Look! (Jordache Jeans Commercial)

The adult predecessor to the above:

Many people don’t realize that this Gilda Radner SNL classic was a spoof of these commercials:

[ Extras ] Read Me!

This is Jamie-Lyn’s movie! Also starring Tim Williams with appearances by Trenell Mooring and Jodi Chase! Trailer below; full movie on Amazon Prime Video here.


[ Extras ] Sydney White!

Another great travelogue of Orlando (well, Rollins College in Winter Park): Sydney White (2007) starring Amanda Bynes and John Schneider. My friend Tait Moline appears in drag around 1 hour 27 minutes. Available through Amazon for FREE! (with ads) Click Here!.


[ Extras ] General Foods International Coffee!

A typical commercial featuring a young Lea Thompson:

And that waiter … JEAN-LUC!!

[ Extras ] Madge The Manicurist!

Follow-Up From Last Week!

Regarding my wish to have Rachel on “Friends” and Natalie from “The Facts Of Life” be cousins… (Thanks to listener Jennifer!)

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 4.55.34 PM copy.png

And remember how I was surprised to discover that both Natalie and Rachel spelled their last names the same? And how I had thought Rachel’s surname had an E at the end? I was NOT WRONG! Jennifer pointed out that in fact, according to this article, Rachel’s name had several instances where it was spelled both ways!

046 - S3E17 "The Affair" with Angie Sardiña


While watching this episode, Angie realized that her friend Bev at the Super Shindig Dance Party at Hollywood Studios has the same hair as Mrs. Garrett … !! 😄😂🤣

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Blair’s Changing Hair At The Restaurant!

And speaking of hair… Here it is, flip-flopping back and forth between NOT brushed out…

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 10.22.12 PM.png

And clearly brushed out. ???!!!???

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Happy Birthday To Me!

I recently celebrated a birthday, and friend-of-the-podcast Wesley Slade gave me a really… um… interesting gift. I have no idea where he found this; that’s probably for the better. But if there was ever the perfect gift for me, it’s a coffee cup with a naked Charlotte Rae in hair rollers. Wesley is BFFs with Justin, whom you’ll recall gave me the Tootie doll last Christmas. “I mean, when you’ve got friends like mine…!”


045 - S3E16 "The Four Musketeers" with Matthew Arter

(because Matthew won’t let me take his picture anymore, I am using the above horrible, blurry, red-eyed cropped photo from 4 years ago.)

(because Matthew won’t let me take his picture anymore, I am using the above horrible, blurry, red-eyed cropped photo from 4 years ago.)

Here is the original… which I just realized my fives of listeners should all recognize… Pictured:  Me ,  Matthew , Selena (a/k/a Mrs.  Rolando Ramos ),  Philip Nolen , and  James Bondy . Beloved members of the LFTF Family, each and every one! ❤️

Here is the original… which I just realized my fives of listeners should all recognize… Pictured: Me, Matthew, Selena (a/k/a Mrs. Rolando Ramos), Philip Nolen, and James Bondy. Beloved members of the LFTF Family, each and every one! ❤️

Matthew’s Close Personal Friend Lisa Whelchel:


MY Close Personal Friend Nancy McKeon:


[ Extras ]

[ Extras ] Matthew sings the BluBlockers jingle as “Blair’s Blue Blazer.” I honestly had never seen or heard of this before… I have learned something new this week. :-)

[ Extras ] Matthew and I go off on a little ‘novelty tune’ tangent, and thought it would be fun to share these classic gems:

Ray Stevens!

“Ahab The Arab” from 1962… not the most PC by today’s standards…

“Gitarzan” from 1962…

“The Streak” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the USA, spending three weeks at the top in May 1974. (Nothing like a country song with a laugh track… ?!?!)

In the 1980s, to capitalize on the MTV craze, he re-recorded the songs and made these accompanying videos:

Steve Martin’s “King Tut” from 1978:

The live version he did on “Saturday Night Live,” May 22, 1978:

“The Facts Of My Life” by Charlotte Rae (and her son Larry Strauss)!

Get The Audiobook On Audible.com!


044 - S3E15 "Starstruck" with Rolando Ramos


Speaking of obsession-fandom, Rolando stalks me and dresses like me:


And he even auditioned for roles at theme parks that I had previously played.


Longest. Extras. Ever.

Rolando’s Favorite Commercial: MILK!

The Boy Version:

The Girl Version:

The ??? Version:

Jermaine Jackson!

Jermaine Jackson’s “Let’s Get Serious,” released 3/17/80, Co-written by Stevie Wonder (!).
At 0:44, doesn’t that melodic line make you think of “Eye Of The Tiger?”
EOTT didn’t come out until 1982. So, Jermaine is the victim of plagiarism maybe? Just say’n.

[EXTRAS] The Jackson 5 on The Carol Burnett Show!

The sketch where the earthquake happened and they just kept going! (Watch for it at 3:12)

The dance sketch with Vicki Lawrence talking jive, and everybody dancing less competently than Michael (in particular, Tito in the yellow).

And for the record, Jermaine is not in either of the above sketches. LOL

Rolando Ramos as The Joker!


Rolando’s “Joker Room”

And this is just a fraction of his collection…!

2017-10-27 21.59.10.jpg
2017-10-27 21.59.19.jpg

[EXTRAS] Bow Wow Caught Lying On Social Media

Here is the article from 2017 that I discuss where rapper Bow Wow got called out for a little creative Instagramming.

Bow Wow.jpeg
Bow Wow 2.png

[EXTRAS] Pink’s “So Raise Your Glass”

Butchered lovingly by yours truly.

Orson Welles!

One his many Paul Masson commercials:

And the infamous drunken outtakes from a different shoot: