038 - S3E9 "Dear Me" with Lisa Wolfe-Penkal


One of our Holiday Baking Parties (enjoying the “fire” with friends, including Jodi Chase and Heather Delmotte)


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Commercials We Discussed!

Todd Hollowell

Sometimes credited as Todd Hallowell, his IMDb page shows he has no credits after his FOL appearances. (And apparently there are two spellings of his name out there.) And basic Google searches are coming up with nothing. Many fan sites also have “Does anybody know what happened to him?” (The fact that they mention Jeff passed away in the 2001 Reunion Movie makes me worry that something may have happened to Todd… I certainly hope not!)

Todd H Zach.png
Todd H Jeff What Price Glory.png
Todd H Jeff Present Imperfect.png

037 - S3E8 "From Russia With Love" with Steve Purnick


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Steve is very good friends with Buddy Flowers, of the Hollywood Public Works department at Citizens Of Hollywood.


Steve’s early-early improv work: Unexpected Company back in 1985. (Steve is the one in all white at the far right.)

Steve’s Favorite Commercials:

036 - S3E7 "Sweet Sorrow" with Bob Brandenburg


Well look at cutie Shawn Stevens and his non-permed hair appearing in a teeny-bopper fanzine!




Fashion Fails!

Multiple this week… ?? Starting with Tootie’s Tea Party Sweater:

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.44.57 PM.png

Followed by Blair’s mismatched rose-vest-and-fuschia-shirt combination:

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.46.20 PM.png

And Blair’s Little House On The Prairie nightgown! Yikes!

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.45.22 PM.png

BUT! Honorable Mention: Mrs. Garrett’s uncharacteristic colorful bold print blouse. Score!

The Door In The Parlor!

The photo below answers the question I posed on the show… was the door always there? Turns out it was.

(How this fits in with the 2001 Reunion Movie where that door is supposedly next to a door that leads to a stairwell…. I really don’t know.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 4.45.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.17.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 6.02.36 PM.png

“The Flakes Of Life” from Bananas Magazine

From Bananas Magazine #55, Spring 1982:

This is the first of 3 humor magazine spoofs of “The Facts Of Life” that I’ll be sharing… Bananas was a magazine I read sporadically as a kid… it was a scholastic publication, meant for kids 12 and up, vs. it’s more popularly known Dynamite Magazine which was for kids 9-12. So it wasn’t as widespread in its release. Also, I was a DIE-HARD Cracked Magazine fan and felt no need to stray. (Mad was slightly too mature for me at the time, i would later grow to love it also.)
To my surprise, I was able to find the spoof that Bananas did, which I had never read before. And to my even greater surprise, Samuel B. Whitehead is the artist… and he also did the art for the spoof that appeared in Cracked! (Coming soon…)

035 - S3E6 "Give And Take" with Austin Paz

Austin & I met in 2014 doing “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, FL.


We eat a lot in our home.

We hang with Wesley!


We go to concerts with my sister and my BFF Steve!


We visit each other at theme parks! (Here is Austin’s very good friend Hashtag The Panda from the Jimmy Fallon Race Through New York ride at Universal Studios.)

Austin has been preparing a LONG TIME for his work with the upcoming Jurassic World Live tour.

Young Austin Dinosaur.jpg

… and we have fun.

Back to nit-picking the show apart…

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Coyote Caliente!

Some of Austin’s body paint work…


Mrs. Garrett pre-Facts Of Life

Some lovely person made this short compilation of memorable Mrs. Garrett moments from her 1-season stint on “Diff’rent Strokes” before being spun off into her own show. I actually don’t remember any of these… and it’s funny to see how much sassier and wise-cracky-er she was in those days!


Charlotte Rae in the movie "Hair"

As Logan and I discussed in the most recent episode, Charlotte Rae had a tiny role in the film version of “Hair.” It came out in 1979, so it was most likely filmed in 1978, and her hairstyle pretty much matches the way it looked on Diff’rent Strokes’ first season (1978-1979). Little more than a cameo, it’s still fun to see her among all the hippie chaos of this doomed dinner party. (She is occasionally shown in the scene, but you get the most of her during the song which starts around 6:00.)

Charlotte Rae In Hair.jpg

033 - S3E4 "A Friend In Deed" with Logan Donahoo


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Monologist Pronunciation

OK, according to dictionary.com, either of the pronunciations I used are acceptable. Whew. Maybe I’m not stupid after all. Maybe.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 11.54.37 AM.png

Stuff From The Extras:

Our conversation about Logan’s friend matching stills of Sarah Paulson crying, the video I was thinking of was the one below of Julianne Moore and how often she has cried in pretty much every one of her films.

And of course, the famous “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal:”

032 - S3E3 "A Baby In The House" with Wesley Slade


David and Wesley: A Theatrical Friendship

It all started over 6 years ago…

2012-11-09 14.10.56.jpg

A year and a half later, we were thrilled to be cast in the lead roles of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, FL (January 2014). That’s me as Lawrence, Wesley as Freddy (disguised as Ruprecht - he’s very affectionate).


Including this pic not just because I love it, but also because Jillian Gizzi was our Christine, and she is an AMAZING talent.


Nowadays we get to work together at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre.


And we can both be found at Hollywood Studios (though at different places)…

David’s friend Officer Friskem with the Citizens of Hollywood

David’s friend Officer Friskem with the Citizens of Hollywood

Wesley’s friend Erik, one of the story-tellers at the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Wesley’s friend Erik, one of the story-tellers at the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Some of my closest buds: Justin (he’s the one who texts in one of the outtake extras - he is the one who bought me my Tootie doll last Christmas!), Wesley, Steve, and me. GOD I love these boys.


This is the comic Justin texted us during the show. Hilarious!


And just needed to put this here… WTFFFFFFFF?

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.38.49 PM.png

Wesley’s Danny Kaye tribute cabaret. Graphic design by ME!


2019-06-05 6:30pm.
OMG! Matthew Arter just texted me some important info about Heather Kerr … I didn’t realize she was the one who played young Eunice in a flashback episode of “Mama’s Family” — and she is AMAZING! Here is the episode where she amazingly channels a young Carol Burnett. (from 1988, she appears around 9:45)