Lisa Whelchel, Child Ventriloquist

I have no idea what show/broadcast this is from… hosted by Ted Knight (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Too Close For Comfort). He references her upcoming movie “Skyward” which was released in 1980. So this is probably 1979, right around the time that FOL Season 1 was in production.

**UPDATE: my friend Bob not only does graphic design and videos, he is also much better with Google than I am. See show info below, courtesy of Bob**

A listing from a Michigan newspaper archive identifies this program as “HBO:  Standing Room Only ‘Double Talk: The Second Annual Adult Ventriloquism Show’ " first broadcast on March 11, 1979. (Note how HBO was so new, they didn’t have a ‘tv slug’ for it with the cute little border!) So this pre-dates the Facts Of Life series, and very possibly even the “Diff’rent Strokes” back door pilot which was first broadcast two months later.


Page from the Home Box Office program guide:


Thanks, Bob!