Set Your DVRs! (or VCRs... or Betamaxes...)

My friend Paul Padilla is a crazy freak for “The Facts Of Life.” (Listen for him on an upcoming show.) And he informed me that I had some incorrect information in my “Intro The The Show” Episode 0 that I posted back in August. I had said that “The Facts Of Life” weren’t really available to watch anywhere… WELL!!

ME-TV shows an episode every weekday morning at 6am EST! They are currently in the middle of Season 8.

Logo-TV shows SIX EPISODES every weekday morning from 6am-9am! (This was not as easy to discover, because when you go to their website and try to look up shows alphabetically, they’re only interested in displaying their *original* programming.) They are currently in the middle of Season 6.

HOW DID I MISS THIS? Partially because I don’t have cable, and I pretty much only watch stuff streaming. My Apple-TV search only wanted to sell me episodes through iTunes. I thought I had done my research on the Web… ???  Then I remembered I checked

Your Honor, I present Exhibit A:

TV Guide Fail.jpg


Anyway, I’ve never been happier to be wrong. For those of you with access to either of these channels, I hope you’ll record some episodes, watch, and listen along to me as I continue this little experiment in spending-a-lot-of-time-being-a-weird-obessive-TV-junkie-on-a-public-level.

Episode 2 drops this Wednesday.